Our Voices

“Even though we are kids, we have great things to say.  We know what’s going on around us.”  – Katherine Perez

“I live three lives in one.  I live as an American that desires my independence.  I live as a Palestinean, that holds onto my religion.  And I live as a Latina, who values family and togetherness.  While these cultures may seem like they clash, and in many ways they do, for me, they work together perfectly.”  -Raba Sbeih-Rosales

“When I was reflecting on the statement  ‘I pledge to defend others that cannot defend themselves,’ I was thinking of the immigrants who came here from troubled countries to find a better life, and who often cant get any help because they don’t know many people who they trust who can speak their language.”  -Katebah Al-Olefi

“We want a community that is safe, friendly, healthy, clean, welcoming, and has programs that enhance kids’ opportunities and imagination… We want to end violence (gange, verbal, environmental, domestic abuse and racism).  If we all get together, we can change this and build what we want, even if it goes slowly.”  – Vanessa Mora

“I am from hard working parents that did not go to schoo, but are still my role models…  I am from getting ‘you are nothing,’ but I am something- a young, independent lady who is a proud Tongan child.  I am from an island of poverty, but we stick together like we’re on fire.” – Veisinia Mafi

“I feel closer to my fellow peers.  I feel we are the change Oakland’s been waiting for.  Leaders is what we are, and the future is what we bring.” -Ameerah Tubby


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