We are the Youth Revolution, fighting for a solution!

We know we are young, and might not know everything, but we are old enough to have our voices heard and make a change!  We understand the problems that we face.  We also know what we have to offer and what we need to address these problems.  We are a group of powerful young voices who believe in a better future for Oakland and are ready to lead that change.

We are here to build the community of our dreams.  We want to come together so we know our neighbors and the people in our community.  We are here as youth, discovering and embracing our talents, and sharing our knowledge with our community- by supporting, guiding, entertaining, tutoring, teaching each other.  We are ready to take matters into our own hands and solve some of the problems we face by using our resources to create classes, groups and events that give each of us the opportunity to be ourselves- our best selves.

Youth-led classes
Graffiti art

Youth-led groups
Queer youth group
Peer mentors
Book club

Youth-led events
Hang out cafe
Movie nights


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